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The darkest shade of the highest fame

March 18, 2023
Embryo (ITA), 2023 -  A Vivid Shade On Misery

Rhythmic musical lace rolls out the musical canvas for a harsh vocal growl, combining the music and vocals of the Pride composition in a bright and impressive beginning of the Embryo (ITA) - A Vivid Shade On Misery album, driving the rhythmic step of the furious sound of the Highest Fame song, accentuating the rhythmicity of the step and decorating the crests of musical waves with vocals phrases and progressively complicating the musical composition in addition to bright vocals transformations.
The guitar solo begins the musical path of the Darkest Lights musical fairy tale, combining the meticulous growl of a vocal storyteller with a bright musical support, wrapping around the vocal narrative with a bright musical spiral, continuing with an unstoppable whirlwind of the assertive mid-tempo march of The Seed of Lividity composition.
The music is intertwined with the vocals in a single step of the MMDC mid-tempo march, then bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the assertive Medusa musical tale, keeping the vocal part in the foreground.
The twilight mystery of the introduction envelops the further procession of the Vanitas musical fairy tale with symphonic covers, combining them with the rapid drive and frantic sound of the Concrete Visionary final composition of the album.