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The grim omens of ancient legends call for self-destruction

September 25, 2020
Omen Invace - Self Destruction

Sternly and gloomily, the Black water is begining with guitar solo, then sharply accelerates the tempo along with deep and angry growling, then brings a burst of emotional melody, complementing the vocals with screaming. The path of sorrow continues the musical narrative of the Omen Invace - Self Destruction album with the frenetic swiftness of a musical action movie, then building the musical composition on the mid-tempo debate of growling and screaming in vocals.
Rolling waves of mid-tempo musical canvas The spell explodes as a race of impetuous drive in instrumental bridges. In the middle of the composition, a radio broadcast with the background speech of the announcer complements the musical sound. The sage's reflections on the surrounding horror and the fear caused by this sets the mood of the From the Abyss of Darkness intro, weaving screaming with a dominant growling in the vocal part, twisting this combination in whirlwinds of furious musical drive.
Weaving mid-tempo musical variations in a progressive lace of musical essence, the Rebirth song complements the deep growling vocals with pigsqual fragments and emotional screaming phrases. The Victory flag without any pause continues the sound of the previous track with turns of guitar solo, winding a spiral of musical sound. The vocal part calls out to the rhythmic pulsations of the battle march. Guitar solo as the buzzing of a circular saw starts the sound of the Tide of Madness song, then the music in a broken rhythm anticipates the development of the main motive, supplemented by alternating phrases of screaming and growing vocals. The drum beat anticipates the fast-paced race of The Flame Of Truth musical thriller, anticipating the development of similar stylistic choices in the album's title track Self destruction, which culminates in a more fractured rhythm and an incredibly melodic guitar solo for the instrumental section.