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The daemon often causes for the phenomenon

July 20, 2016
Ancst - Moloch

What is behind the mysterious, terrifying and inexplicable phenomena? Perhaps that's Ancst - Moloch !
Without any delay, without waiting for higher powers title track Moloch begins to chronicle the journey into our hearts, alternating sharp and quick couplets with respite of zealous jerks in "something-like-bridge".
After a non-stop running, nervous bustle and impetuous outbursts need a break, Behold Thy Servants gives us the opportunity by first. But then increases the speed and vanity exceeds previous diligences.
Wind in the sky can not disperse all of the clouds, although tries to do its best. The Skies of Our Infancy rush in a uniform impulse, full of guitar riff that reveals as leitmotif through the entire track.
Yell! No! How can we be In Decline?! Filled with the cries of pain and disagreement, over the hated burden faith screams vocals laid.
Quiet and calm guitar tunes interspersed rubbing sounds and sprinkling, we have to Strife back to drive out our mighty fury. The fierce anger punctuated by slow melodic riffs, bearing pacification and hope.
Anger violently and impulsively carries its breath to the Devouring Glass. After frisky and indefatigable verse, rhythm and sound elevates concludes in its scope melodic guitar riffs, iridescent by colors of the sunset.
Viciously and violently gloomy shadows pulled its tentacles, felt the taste of the Turning Point. But, after a violent struggle and bloody fights begins a slow sweeping assessment of the consequences of the course changes.
A short phrase contains the mode of existence of human beings, that begins the tale of Human Hive. A quick, rhythmic verse goes into sweeping and melodic bridge. Pause marks the transition to a lonely melodic guitar riff that accompanies abstruse speeches about the people, their strengths and relationships. Such high-tech speech cause an attack of rabies in the last verse.
Such egghead's reflections cause the requirement - No More Words! In sharp and fast pace sounds, without slowing down, and pulled into the abyss of melodic vortexes!
But rapid runs require a lot of power and energy that you need to recover - which is what happens in intro of the Lys. But after resting again powerful feed, rushes and speed is indefatigable. Once again a break - newly furious rush! But all comes to the end.