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What it was? Plea for help - or a cry of hatred?

July 19, 2016
Riffrildi - Myrka

In captivity of pernicious doubts, in fetters of possessed reviews - listen to Riffrildi - Myrka to release your mind from that evil!
Instrumental saga Forspil starts that artwork, ignites the consciousness by bursts of its passages, then subside and hides all of the activity - further, that after re-focus their efforts in order to incinerate all around!
Powerful, zealously begins Djakninn, vocal entry conceals the tempo, but without reducing the destructive power of the composition!
A viscous, tightened, intriguing by its unhurried pace intro makes us to expect the ballad ... oh, no! The first verse of Vatnie cuts, shreds and crushes these expectations by sharp instrumental part and growling vocals. But after a wave of hatred, tearing consciousness to shreds - we hear the expected ballad with clean vocals, lyricaly ascends all of the dream skyward. This is followed by the next gust of unrelenting fury after - next again dreamy lyrical segment. And the rage again dominates, but song ends by the riff that starts it.
Faxi - pensive acoustic guitar leads us through the darkness and fog by its lyrical dreamy fingering.
Howls of the winds complements quiet guitar fingering, that slips in small glimpses of the mystery. Then, melodic guitar riff lyric march headed of dreams through uncharted expanses. Next Aufangadagur ends the dreamy ballad, stunning all the power, walking at a moderate pace until the end.
Horse trot begins Reissin enslaves minds, depriving it of any capability for resistance - disclosing its canvas indelible and unforgettable riffs. On the design of the guitar solo improvising pereklikivayas with dreams. Finishes trampling horse.
Sharply rhythmic start beginns splitting the integrity by blows. Then riff rises melody above the crushing power of unthinking. Reimleikur resides in the choice - whether to prefer frenzied, mindless power or melancholy melody that runs through the entire track like the leitmotif of it. Clearly - the choice is on the side of melodious riff!
But power doesn't tolerate any kind of humiliation - it comes to the forefront, to destroy the enemies without any kind of regret! Soring rhythmic and cruel, does not leave a shadow of doubt in its power. The verses are sharp and rhythmic, instrumental solos increases tempo - doubt will not catch it up! But after the instrumental solo pace stuck in the depths of despair and darkness, vocals changes from growl/harsh to clean, sharp and chopping riffs changed to melancholy slowness and bass guitar goes on a solo level! Organ's keyboard passage finishes the song and the entire album.