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The court of the wiked shadows

May 11, 2022
Gauntlet Rule - The Plague Court

After the introductory guitar solo, the music of The Caneham House composition rushes with a rapid whirlwind of furious drive to the introduction of vocals with combative notes, which is complemented by the eclipse of the sing-along of the associates. The Run the Gauntlet battle march drives the rhythmic step and confident procession of the squad in preparation for the upcoming musical battles of the Gauntlet Rule - The Plague Court album. The Well of Shadows musical narrative brings vocal narration to the forefront in addition to the majestic sound of a twilight solemn anthem, complemented by sparkling decorations of guitar solos.
After preparing the wave of drive, the Runes of the Autumn Witch song crowns the musical sound with vocal phrases bringing the guitar solo to the forefront of the instrumental part, creating a fascinating atmosphere of musical mystery with guitar riffs of the Dying for My Dreams mid-tempo composition in a combination of vocal narration and melodic musical variations. The Valley of Thorns musical fairy tale captivates with the hazy mystery of the storyteller's vocal phrases and the meelodic variability of musical passages to the expanses of mystical revelations and ancient fairy tales.
Raising bright banners of combat readiness in instrumental fragments and verses, the Plague Court composition strengthens this readiness with a vocal part. The By the Gods Who Are Not ballad weaves a charming musical lace from the vocal narrative of associates and melodic musical passages. A bright and exciting guitar solo sets the direction for the development of the A Choir of Angels main motif, then again and again moving to the forefront in the instrumental bridges. The most long and significant Death Will Ours (And Ours Alone) epic saga ends the album with a confident procession of a musical fairy tale complemented by the sound of echoes of knightly ballads and battle marches.