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That was so humorous evil invasion

November 12, 2021
Fans of the Dark - Fans of the Dark

The Ghost of Canterville ballad gently, spiritualy and leisurely opens the musical gates of the Fans of the Dark - Fans of the Dark album, slowly and thoughtfully marching along the musical path and raising vocal experiences to the top of the sound.
But the Escape from Hell composition is soared by a whirlwind of drive, wrapping vocal experiences with sparkling ribbons of guitar riffs.
Intrigued by the sound of the introduction, The Running Man song then reveals its true essence in the form of a mid-tempo sound with dominant vocals. The Dial Mom for Murder composition fascinates with musical mystery and vocal doubts.
Bright guitar solo sets the direction of development of the main motif, piercing the entire sound of the Life Kills song with a sharpened and sharp blade. The exciting Rear Window ballad fascinates with romantic experiences.
The musical chime of guitar riffs rolls out the musical canvas for a procession of The Foreigner vocals reflections in leisurely reflections. The Zombies in My Class ends the album with the dominance of vocals in the musical image.