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Eternal procession was preserved in torment

November 12, 2021
Mortiferum - Preserved in Torment

Starting the musical procession of the Mortiferum - Preserved in Torment album with a leisurely, gloomy and painful march, the Eternal Procession composition braids the moving phrases with vocal part notes of painful shackles, complemented by sparks of guitar passages. But in the instrumental part, the guitar solo breaks into the rampant rapid musical race, expanding the stylistic framework of the album.
Somewhat accelerating the tempo of sounding, the Incubus of Bloodstained Visions song completes the musical beat with vocal phrases, but then again returned to the grim twilight.
The instrumental introduction long, leisurely and absentmindedly leads the listener to the introduction of the Seraphic Extinction vocals, then enveloping deep and gloomy vocal reflections with mystical veils.
After twilight reflection, the Exhumed from Mortal Spheres explodes with the frenzy of a ruthless musical thriller, but then intricately and progressively pacifying the musical rampantness in union with vocal reflections.
Preserving the album's inherent hardness of sound, the Caudex of Flesh song condenses the rhythmic essence and wraps vocal phrases with whirlwinds of progressively broken musical passages, preceding the completion of the album with the Mephitis of Disease track, confidently and persistently marching along the chosen musical path.