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That unites the green grass and blue sky

June 17, 2020
Temperance (ITA) - Viridian

Started by the dominance of female vocals Mission Impossible then weaves them in a duet with male vocals, captivating with bewitching symphony and musical artistry. Fascinating with the charm of the guitar solo of the leitmotif of the I Am the Fire composition, the music continues the Temperance (ITA) - Viridian album, entwining the axis of the musical narrative by the unity of male and female vocals. Announcing the title of the Start Another Round composition after the introduction, music captures the melodic charm of a bewitching waltz.
A keyboard solo weaves lace of futuristic variations, then weaving with the stern drive of guitar riffs, then crowning the My Demons Can't Sleep musical image with dreamy chants of vocals. Alternating the vocal phrases of male and female vocals in verses, the Viridian title track combines them in a chorus in a duet, noting in the musical image both the futurism of the keyboard solo and the obvious presence of a symphonic atmosphere. Carrying the mesmerizing chime of the keyboard passages Let It Beat then weaves this symphonic charm with the union of female and male vocals.
The majestic symphony of romantic the Scent of Dye ballad lifts a cup of melodism to the light of a divine essence. After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, the vocal part indicates the path of development of The Cult of Mystery composition. Weaving a bewitching lace of oriental motifs the Nanook song expands the stylistic framework of the album, giving it the charm of the prayers of Tibetan monks and the tunes of sagas of wandering bards.
The soft and tender charm of the Gaia brooding ballad envelops you in an atmosphere of romantic blessing. Then the Catch the Dream vocal monologue precedes the final composition Lost in the Christmas Dream of the album, enchanting with the atmosphere of the holiday and Christmas dreams.