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The world is sick and does not seek recovery

June 16, 2020
Surgical Strike - Part of a Sick World

The twisting mysterious coverlet by intro guitar solo Dead End Gone then develops from this intrigue the main motive of the furious musical thriller, crowning its swift drive with outrage of vocal rebellion. The Failed State continues the Surgical Strike - Part of a Sick World album, after a thoughtful drum roll of the introduction, captivating with a vocal indignation the waves of musical drive, uniting the vocal part into a dialogue in the chorus. After an incredibly hit guitar solo, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the Politicians musical image, forcing a whirlwind of rejection through its broadcasting.
Enveloping vocal phrases with a whirlwind of guitar riffs, the Conspiracy captivates in a rampant assault. The drum roll ends with the viscous twilight of a guitar solo, but the introduction of vocals calls for an acceleration of the tempo of the Below Zero musical narrative, catching up with the indignation of vocals rage. But then the vocals expand the stylistic framework of the album, sometimes using recitative.
The Lambs to the Slaughter rolls in waves of the dancing drive, completing the beats with the screeching of guitar strings. Wrapping a vortex of violent music, the Not in This Life vocal part anticipates the guitar solo of the instrumental part of thoughtfulness, preceding the final fragment with an enchanting guitar solo. The title track Part of a Sick World captivates with the artistry of the guitar solo of the introduction, giving an epic charm to the further musical narrative, combining the inspiration of melodism and the rampant anger of the musical thriller. The Confrontation charms with bewitching melody, combining the fury of a restrained drive with the artistry of melodic variations.
Dancing in a deadly round dance Sorrow of War explodes in a whirlwind of furious dance with the introduction of vocals. Starting with a whirlwind of swift drive, The Breed musical fragments are summed up by the charm of an artistic guitar solo, completing the album with an impressive combination of contrasts.