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Temple of god that rules ages and time

February 24, 2022
Spire (AUS), 2021 -  Temple of Khronos

The ticking of the clock of the Chronometer instrumental intro begins the intriguing atmosphere of the Spire (AUS) - Temple of Khronos concept album, creating the atmosphere for the development of an enchanting musical fairy tale. The Hymn I - Tyrant track develops the musical motifs in a sparkling whirlwind of progressive musical covers, complicating the musical structure with mysterious omens and shrouding the music and vocals in a cloak of musical mystery.
The introduction of the Hymn II - Tormentor song brings waves of harsh musical drive, then retreating before the significance of the vocals narration, but coming back again and again with waves of musical fury in the instrumental bridges and emotional ascension of the furious chorus, foreshadowing the musical exasperation in the frenzy of the v musical thriller, diversifying the vocal part by alternating vocal styles and combining them in a single vocal frenzy.
Twilight mystery with muted background chorales with the grinding of clockwork, gears and clanking hands, culminating in the running of the Interlude - Antithesis clock opens the gates to the final fragment of the album, in which then the vocal chants of the Hymn IV - Puissant composition come to the foreground of the musical image, supplemented by the ticking of the clock, slowly waiting for the development and full-scale embodiment of the musical essence of the atmospheric musical saga with the mystical mystery of the instrumental passages' sounding. The Hymn V - Khronos song completes the album in the atmospheric unity of music and vocals in the twilight mystery of unsolved mysteries and the coming embodiment of the mystical mysteries of the ancient gods.