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Tea o'clock?! What time?! You HAVE TO DRINK IT NOW!

April 01, 2016
Metal Castle - Tea Nation

Have to drink some or not? Put The Kettle On - so, have to! Metal Castle - Tea Nation. Jump! Dance! Jump! Some strange stuff in your mirror? Pay Back The Monster: The Monster System - so have to be ready to it! Oh-ah-a! Dance for it!
Op-a-pa Tea #1 - not-gangman-style! Choose - tea or not ?! Tea Nation - they want more: tea! tea! tea!!!
Piano starts the Tea #2...and finishes it for the Tin Can Space Adventure IV.
Space travel are not simple and many-valued... where they are?! Out there or just in minds of teller?! Grimmy? Fuck up! Have to dance with the Die Soft. Don't want - have to be ready... to drink... Tea #3 fuck up! TEA!!!
Melodic and dreadful start of the Legacy Of Tea combines with the symphonical continuos of it - opera'styled female vocals helps a lot!
Let's beat all around - for tea - or if you don't want to drink it!

You think that you're great'n'mighty guy?! Metal Castle - III refute your narcissism with The Final Stand.
Next song isn't about "battle for Leningrad" - that ballad'style beginning of The Battle for Legoland.
Elfs sux, yep-yep :)
Yeah! Argh! They're still sings?! Pirates (We're Still Pirates) - argh - let all knows!
Oh! My lady! He wins the tournament - tell him - What a Knight! Or prefer him from the others - you're choice it!
Are you ready to Voyage to Londis?! I don't sure of it! Guitars from the middle to backstage also - thinks you're shit!
Battle Snakes (Actisnake) fight! smash! dance! you have to - or hide from all of us!
Piano starts the intro of the The Quest of Lampitt West... all of us have to be ready for the ambush of driven' guitars and power of nasty rhytms!
Acoustic starts, melodic next for... have to ready to the One Last Tea. They poured to you? Drink up - or FUCK OUT!