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Waves of solitude embrace and capture more lands and spaces

April 01, 2016
The Burning Dogma - No Shores of Hope

Intro Waves Of Solitude mysteriously begins
The Burning Dogma - No Shores of Hope
Powerful and blunt start of The Breach keeps your attention riveted to its sound by varying the tempo and vocals.Tight&drive submission calms its impulses to instrumental middle of the track, ending - dreamy, slow, melodic...prepares you for the Enigma Of The Unknown, instrumental reign of keyboards, samples where guitar just slightly shines its chords on the background.
Darkly and ornately sounds Skies Of Grey before female vocals join to the composition. Lady came - turned the order for familiar style, but darkness and anger hasn't gone, just recondite to save power. 
That comes to an end with the battle - lady VS furious evilness.
Rhythmically marches on A Feast For Crows,sweeping away the doubters and dissenters from its way. This continues until the clean vocals reflections. But - squad on the march, not stumble and will not retreat!
Burning Times starts with a slow paced melody to core'style, clean vocals joins to subjugate the rest. But all ends by the thundering growl.
Distant Echoes consists of howling in the distance winds and sparse guitar rifts. Title No Shores Of Hope starts with fearless short musical thunder, then ambient electronic part. But fearsome fury does't gone away - it returns to blow down all who disagree to its powers.
Dying Sun performs somethin' like techno with a howl of distant winds on background of sound image. Nemesys - the guitar riff begins its course and runs through the entire composition as a leitmotif. Vocals changed frome one to another, creating a picture and complementing each other.
Chapter 1 opens these chronicles - Dawn Yet To Come I (Drowning), that's just an intro. Dawn Yet To Come II (No Heroes' Dawn) begins lyricaly and dreamy, with chorus of 3 voices, one of them rushes into the fray after the accumulated force. Then thunder thoughtfulclaps of growlin' voice. Instrumental middle unhurried, melodic with a monologue on the background, peals of growl ends this Chapter.
Final Chapter of this records is the Dawn Yet To Come III (..E Uscimmo A Riveder Le Stelle) sound like medieval ballad. Calm and melodious completed narration, We're proud to say - "Thanks for attention"!