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Summer warms the body, emptying the soul

January 04, 2021
SPC ECO - June

The vocal charm of the singing lady, complemented by the When You're Alive background and pulsation of musical heartbeats, captivates with the sound of the beginning of the SPC ECO - June album. The Some Day musical passages complement the atmosphere of vocal doubt, first asking unsolvable questions, then bringing in an atmosphere of mystical revelations, enveloping the Take What You Need vocals reflections in veils of mysterious ghosts.
The mystical motifs of musical twilight create an enigmatic atmosphere, enveloping muted vocals phrases with flickering of the Touch Your Skin musical mysteries. The Across Your Heart wraps the vocal phrases with saddened romance, complementing them with the background pulsations of keyboards notes in a ballad-like unity. Keeping musical sadness, the Where You Fall transforms them into echoes of futuristic motives, wrapping vocal reflections with futuristic electronic impulses. As if hiding vocal emotions in the fog of the musical background, the Trust accentuates the finale of musical measures with industrial motives.
asting aside sadness and upset mood, the Now Or Never envelops vocal reflections, lost in conjecture and doubt, sparkling pulsations that combine brooding romanticism and electronic distortion of sound motives. The Lost Alone song brings vocals to the fore, complementing dreamy tunes with bright sparks of musical inspiration The Like It Or Not concludes the album with a blend of vocal mystery and keyboard pulsation, evoking ancient Tibetan tunes with modern interpretations.