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Stay tough in any trials

March 29, 2022
Brick By Brick - Thin the Herd

The confident, tight and sonorous vocal part of the What Destroys You song prepares for the perception of the significant narration of the chorus, powerfully, fiercely, persistently and insistently opening the musical gates of the Brick By Brick - Thin the Herd album.
The musical flow of the Too Much More main motif draws the vocal part to follow the indicated path, including sharing with the musical variations the rhythmic militancy of a stern march in a tight and stiff mid-tempo march. The Break track builds up the dusky atmosphere with the intro guitar solo, then combining the musical duskiness with the vocal harshness. But the guitar solo of the instrumental part rises in a whirlwind of rapid musical drive, as if trying to break free from the binding musical fetters, but the vocals go back to the dreary narration.
A rhythmic musical procession strikes milestones for the vocal narrative, then marching along the musical pathways and directions laid out and prepared by the musical variations of the Free for All song. Confessions and reflections begin the musical narrative of the No Silence track, explaining its rebellious and indignant sound, calling for resistance to the current order and clearly establish their demands on the existing order.
Continuing the indignation and disagreement with the existing order, the One More Fist Fight song calls for reflection on ways to overcome it, then a charming guitar solo sets up the introduction of the Embrace the Moment final composition, which marches with the militant pace of a rhythmic march.