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It is so weird light

March 29, 2022
Neptune Power Federation - Neath A Shin Ei Sun

A short intriguing introduction anticipates the further sound of the The Neptune Power Federation - Neath A Shin Ei Sun album, which continues with the stubborn rebelliousness of the title track and the furious appeals of an unstoppable singing witch, then embellishing her narrative with melodic musical digressions.
But the sound of the album continues with the melodic charm of the Edmunde romantic ballad, in which the singing lady is transformed into a preacher of coming changes, wrapped in a chorale of adherents of faith in her prophecies, bringing vocal reflections to the forefront of the Opium Den musical sermon, complementing them with insinuating and subdued musical passages. But then music and vocals unite in a solemn procession of a revolutionary anthem, crowning this musical unity with a majestic keyboard symphony and complementing it with a significant melody of a guitar solo.
The guitar solo of the Electric Fairies introduction captivates to follow his path, then crowning the artistic musical changes with vocals experiences, complemented by background chorales. The Burning track weaves guitar and keyboard passages in a whirlwind of enchanting melodicism, entering with notes of futuristic echoes, then combining them with vocal phrases in a captivating dance of free-spirited rock'n'roll.
Energetically and uncontrollably, musical energy rises in a whirlwind of unity with vocal rebellion in the sound of the Sup Thy Potion composition, then marching at a measured pace of the Way Of The Wizard mid-tempo march. Beginning with symphonic echoes of bardic sagas, the We Shall Triumph musical tale completes the musical narrative of the album with echoes of medieval minstrel ballads.