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Starts so far away from us - but you can see them by your eyes

April 07, 2016
The Amakan - Betelgeuze

Instrumental intro Burden Of The Crown opens the way to input that space saga into your mind. Chronicles Amakan - Betelgeuze started by the Battery Acid, these batteries fickle in the rhythm, pitch and aspirations. You have to be ready to extand this chronicle!
Powerful and rushin' starts Gramm, 'till male vocals combined by female. Later lady signs melodic parts by her appearances.
Can't figure out and realize that, find solutions - spill Napalm over that - lady gives advice to make so!
Roaring whisper begins, the atmosphere of the unknown consciousness surrounding in Inversia 4. Then female voice joins the explorations of that phenomena.Whisper predicts the end - "the sky will melt away, the sky will melt away, the sky will melt away"...
Title track Betelgeuze starts mysterious and preparing to amazement. The female vocal is the main part of music there. Melodious play guitar part replaced snarling Werewolf - how he lives, what he sees, as he thinks - broadcasting all that way.
broken, erratic rhythm, music, vocals Spirits Of The Book (Brainlust) hard to remember after a quick listen, have to try and check - then check and try!
Man Of Word instrumental crown of chronicle, beaten the blows and reverb all your being by its riffs.