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Can't see the reflection - there's no chance to perfection

April 09, 2016
Elyria - Reflection And Refraction

Open Portals start to paint Elyria - Reflection And Refraction, melancholy and sad image - lyrical melody accompanies and complements sad female voice.
The Vigil more rhythmic and lively melody releases from the trance caused by grief ... but sad banshee continues her passages at the microphone.
Heavier, tease, tight crushing rhythm... but banshee remains the same in the Blind, her cantos in this track reminiscent of Arabic folklore.
Start dense, with a powerful rhythm section, in front a leitmotif, executed by keyboards, then female vocals smooths and calms the instrumental rampage in the Colour Of Silence.
Drummer recalls twin pedal in Salome ...after entry of that kind expected fury and drive. Oh, noup - symphonic voice translet her grif to all of us. And drummer recalls twin pedal again only at the end.
Intermittent, unpredictable melody opens Human Caleidoscope. During the composition, it has repeatedly changed. Monologue takes a leading role in the middle, but finishes fast and powerfuly.
Broken rhythms, jagged movements from side to side. When vocals joining somewhere Beyond Earth track still uneven and complicated. Toward the end of the added unexpected percussion.
The chorus begins Only Words, then guitar riffs joined and main vocals over all with the whisper on background. By the middle of track the melody revives and liberating, but occasionally on the background or chorus, or whisper.
Melody, slowly pawing notes starts story of the Faceless. The ballad dedicated to lullaby says that "nowhere to hide".
The gloomy atmosphere, mysterious and mystical beginning orchestra only fuels the curiosity - what will be in the Mindshift. First words "Do you remember..." only completes enlargement and strengthening of impulses of curiosity and flashes of the interest.
Unusually - in the Dreamwalker the rhythm section in the foreground, guitar just supports their passages by its riffs.
Flute, acoustic guitar begins Virtues - this confession of medieval bards, accompaniment grieved lady. Melancholic lyrical ballad outlines the shortcomings of the surrounding world. Electric guitar illuminates only in the middle of the song.
Fancy called, but the instruments nevertheless appear in a Distance. Unhurried and ambiguous story isn't monotonous and often changes the tempo of its journey...till the end of album.