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January 23, 2019
Pictura Poesis - Nightmares

Symphonic inspirations and muffled phrases call for thought, but then a harsh metal wave rolls with irresistible pressure, calling for vocal changes. The Pictura Poesis - Nightmares rises to the forefront of the title track of the album, remaining full of feelings. In the final part, the vocals fall through, intertwining their demonic phrases with symphonic turns of the main motive.
b>The Paralytic Child continues the harsh narrative of the title composition, occasionally raising up a symphonic narrative, rising as the leitmotif of the album.
The chime of the main motif, intertwined with the rattle of a bonfire, brings up the narration of the Demonic Delusions composition, then the symphonic outlines envelop the coming thresholds of gloomy drive. But the vocals complement them with their shades.
Surovіy and hard drive brings the story to the front, leaving epic shades in the The Raft of Medusa background, from time to time complementing them with the sound of the mainstream music.
Keeping the leitmotif of the album L'immortalite anticipates it with symphonic reflections. The piano's passages bring the album's leitmotif to the forefront - therefore, Demonic Delusions (Piano Version) will listen again and again!
But putting aside keyboard passages symphonic atmosphere L'immortalite (Orchestral Version) completes the album.