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January 24, 2019
Ruptura - Miseria Humana

Viscous, tightly and painfully, the title's track introductory rolls waves of experiences, vocals complement this viscous sound with notes of experiences, bringing some changes to the Ruptura - Miseria Humana album.
Sternly, driving and violently Inconsciencia continues the album's narration, complementing the vocal part with inclusions of screaming in the bridges.
Starting violently and tightly, Ignorando Tu Existencia then combines in a dispute of screaming and growling, asking again and again questions and honing them. Drive and rage sets off the El Finalmain motive, pulsating in a fascinating musical way.
The sacrament empathizes with the Venus introduction, then the middle tempo musical motifs are intertwined with vocal experiences.
Tightly, clearly, assertively and rigidly Cadenas y Karma goes through vocal phrases and alternates several vocal styles in its submissions. Siniestra CodiciaPlayful riddles juggle with the pulsations of the sacraments, sorting through the scrolls of musical passages and vocal phrases, alternating between dense harsh, growl and fierce screfming. Tightly pulsating mid-tempo rhythm rolls in the felt of the Mentes Corrosivas main motive, but then in the chorus the screaming introduces fascinating additions of the charming melody.
Anticipating the solo bass guitars and rewinding the entry with the passages of the Presentimiento main motive begins with a deep gloom growl, then completes the verse with a screaming creak.
The completion of the album as if Marcha Funebre inspired by the past and calls an incredible number of demons from oblivion