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Squad is one behind the other on the narrow path

February 27, 2017
Squad is one behind the other on the narrow path

Changeable in its manifestations, tortuous and unpredictable this Healing Harm - Narrow Path !
Deathly Nettles envelops by mysterious instrumental delights, suddenly gentle and melodious creating entry for album.
From the beginning, Narrow Path turns into mist unexpected changes, piercing the haze by spectacular guitar inlays. Vocals from the perceptual profound growling goes to the emotional clean style, then returns to growling and tramsforms again.
The enigmatic mysterious motifs of Frozen Heat surrounds with the dark mist tubes, combining growling and clean vocals from the beginning in a gloomy romance of dark secrets. Then, the composition becomes meditative calm ballad, reflects on the strange sight - afraid of them or not. But growling returns with a dark mist of powerful pulsating streams of gloomy music. The instrumental part condenses unconscious confusion of unexplored mysteries, culminating in a dreamy passage of clean vocals.
Starting as zealous speed guitar riffs, sweeping the resistance and opposition of their way, then Who We Are passes in breaking progressive composition, which is then transforms into sublime wistful romantic ballad.
Anger enraged growling vocal angrily breaks the space in front of him, letting in the breach changeable melodies and surprisingly clean vocals that asks Don't You Dare, among flowery lace mysterious and exciting instrumental passages.
Wonderful calm, gentle and mysterious guitar fingering starts Black Rain, made up exciting beautiful captivating ballad, completing the album melancholic charm of experienced impressions.