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Specialist in communication with ghostly spirits

May 23, 2021
Caliban - Zeitgeister

The title composition begins the Caliban - Zeitgeister album with an intriguing mysteriousness with twilight musical symphony and mysterious choraces. But then the Trauma (feat. Matthi from Nasty) is exploded by a frantic drive, but then the vocal narration by a gloomy sacrament anticipates the story with a recitative. But then music and vocals are combined in the dancing of gothic twilight. The Herz song begins with a refinement mysteriousness and fascinates melodism but then returns to a rage drive.
Vocal rechitative immediately goes to the foreground twilight reflections, but then the musical drive complements the Ausbruch nach Innen vocals story with its variations. The Feuer, zieh' mit mir combines music and vocals in romantic thoughtfulness, then placing in the race of a frantic drive with the background extensions of mystical omen. Music and vocals are intertwined in the mysterious artistry of the Nichts ist fur immer mid-tempo musical fairy tale.
After a brief entry of the Intoleranz song, the waves of the variable drive, complementing the main vocals with background tips and a fiery whisper, sometimes turning into the mysterious spells of the warlock. Guitar solo intriguing sound of the intro creates a premonition amosphere of further mystical vestivity of the Mein Inferno composition. However, the fact that we hear resembles the militant a ppeals to the rebels. The nICHts track ends the album with, expanding its stylistic framework.