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Sometimes you have to fall to ascend

January 12, 2020
Kyle Emerson - Only Coming Down

Starting the Kyle Emerson - Only Coming Down album with guitar riffs hovering around vocal phrases, May You Find Peace sets an inspirational mood, then Better intensifies certain shades of doubt and experience by introducing drive elements into the music and bringing the vocal part to the forefront.
A soft acoustic chime of strings envelops CA/CO vocals phrases with romantic lace, then I Can Change song, continuing the romantic ballad mood, introduces a more rhythmic structure into the sound and speeds up the musical canvas on the verge of an average tempo. Smoothing the musical rhythm Are You Lonely somewhat envelops the listener with pacifying peace, but returns to the pulsating rhythm in the bridge and the chorus.
Thoughtful vocal reflections and Victory Song music bringing shades to the rhythm'n'blues and spiritual anthems that precedes a return to the usual style of the group and album, inspiring with the Novacane And Able encouraging tunes of dreamy and inspired vocal phrases. Stranger further exacerbates some of the influence of country style.
Acoustic chime of guitar strings envelops vocal love emotions with romantic lace of soft and sensual the Marie ballad. Preserving sensual emotions, the Alone Tonite sound image are enveloped in more driving musical vortices, combining doubt, anxiety and hope, completing the album with such a multi-valued atmosphere.