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Who is right? I am a guy with a gun in his hands!

January 13, 2020
Unsylence - In Your Hands

The soft melodies of the keyboards are the Before The Beginning instrumental introduction of The Blame composition, which develops the motives embedded in them along with the fierce vocal phrases of the emotional harsh entwined with electronic impulses of the keyboard echoes. In the vocal part, dreamy tunes of pure vocals appear at times. Then With A Shotgun gives more importance to the dreamy tunes of pure vocals and, starting from the greater importance of electronic impulses, it sometimes explodes with a drive of more hard musical styles.
Resting after a varied drive, Nevermore continues the Unsylence - In Your Hands album with initially dreamy, muffled, sensual tunes of pure vocals, transformed into emotional tunes. But then, while maintaining the romantic sound of the song, the vocals become hardened. The next composition consists of two parts - first, a pulsating industrial march Hero Time Is Gone rushes over bumps of problematic perception, raising encouraging banners with tunes of clean vocals, then Hero Time Is Gone, Pt. 2 displays electronic impulses to the front edge of the musical image.
A brief instrumental Awakening My Self sound transformation brings a furious vocal confession to the top of the My Own Illusionary World musical image, speaking as an introduction and setting the path for the development of sound. Electronic samples ascend to the top of the Never Closed Eyes narrative, based on a severe pulsating drive and interwoven in a bewitching dance with vocal phrases. Ego preserving the electronic essence and distorting the vocal tunes of clean vocals introduces a more severe and rhythmic drive of the verse, soaring with the dreamy artistry of the choruses. But Havoc acts as a kind of indicator of sound - vocals act as a link between electronic samples and the furious drive of metal music. Closure continues this separation with communication through vocal tunes, but transforms the rhythmic structure to a rigid and dense mid-tempo march, sometimes interfering with the emotional tunes of clean vocals.
Beginning with an artistic and mesmerizing keyboard solo, continuing with muffled vocal whispers, Touch The Unreal completes the album with an impressive union of epic tales and futuristic motifs.