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Sometimes tales and legends overshadow the essence of being

January 04, 2020
Raventale - Morphine Dead Gardens

Romantic reflections create a bewitching atmosphere of thoughtful reflection, enveloping vocal phrases with soft passages of enchanting melody. The As An Empty Shell vocals part brings growling's thoughts to the forefront, complementing the notes of screaming in the background.
Continuing the Raventale - Morphine Dead Gardens album with saddened thoughts of guitar solo Lorn And Deserted envelops vocal phrases with a mantle of soft and pensive sadness, painfully marching with a procession of pensive ghostly thoughts and gloomy mysteries of ancient prophecies. Vocal part deepens growling sound.
As if continuing the previous song This Forsaken Place immediately complements the musical image with a vocal part, enveloping vocal thoughts with a veil of saddened reverie.
Transforming musical passages into the twilight atmosphere of a tragic procession, the In The Bitter Pain composition slowly and painfully walks, pumping the covers of indelible sadness to the introduction of vocals, complementing the musical passages with shades of saddened emotions. The title track Morphine Gardens completes the album, mixing in a musical cocktail the desire to dispel sadness, but rolling more and more waves of painful thoughts.