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Sometimes frightening tales of ghosts rise from obscurity

April 02, 2020
Xenobiotic - Mordrake

Driving waves of medium-tempo rhythmic pulsations into the introduction, Insomnia begins the Xenobiotic - Mordrake album with incredibly progressive variations of the rhythmic pattern of the musical composition. Maintaining a medium-tempo atmosphere, Light That Burns the Sky rolls waves of anxiety, intertwining vocal styles from growling to screaming.
After drumbeat in intro, Inverted flies in the rampant drive of a furious musical thriller. But then the vocal part is intertwined with the transformation of sound in a bewitching anthem. The Acedia epic tale rolls a canvas of progressive musical sound on the way of a vocal storyteller. Dysphoria continues the same bewitching sound, but introduces drive trends that elevate the emotional phrases of screaming vocals.
Through the thick armor of the Saphris musical narration, notes of sadness and doubt break through, clearly embodied in the romantic guitar solo of the instrumental part. In the vocal part, in addition to screaming and growling, a dreamy clean appears. Fractured continues a similar musical fairy tale, however, screaming and growling vary, supplementing their disputes with suitable musical fragments.
Sharing musical compositions Thalamus weaves a disturbing unity of crowd noise and incredibly progressive musical canvas, after which furious waves of drive roll out Grieving the Loss of Self intro, but the vocals are marching in a mid-tempo march.
The album closes with the title track, divided into dilogy - at first the Mordrake I: Reverie vocals are intertwined with musical vortices in an explosion of despair, followed by a soft melodic guitar solo. Then the final part of the dilogy and album Mordrake II: Acquiesce combines fragments of rampant drive with a proud medium-tempo anthem.