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So what am I ready for?

April 28, 2024
Dorian Wilde - I Am Ready For Love

The title track starts the Dorian Wilde - I Am Ready For Love album with romantic tenderness and unbroken sixth with spiritual inspiration, bringing artistic trends of progressive rhythmic fracture, continued by symphonic charm of the You Are Not So Far keyboards improvisations and mesmerizing thoughtfulness of spiritual aspirations of the My Picture composition, accentuating the fidelity of the leitmotif, complemented by artistic shades.
The majesty of sound and musical variation of the Mask symphony builds up into a mesmerizing lace of musical canvas with the captivating melody of the guitar solo, continuing with the pensive ballad of The House In The Island and the sublime artistic reflections of the Isolation, weaving together doubts and reflections.
Accentuating the rhythmic march and adhering to its Narciso leitmotif, the musical variations enchant with melodic grandeur, while The Star Is Back musical story enchants with notes of inspiration and ascension, embodying their unity in the unhurried charm of The Melodist musical tale.
The sound of the Wilde composition captivates with artistic charm, continuing with the I Am Going Crazy mysterious meditations and the Memories Of When I Was Young sublime ballad.