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Traveling the uncharted path

April 26, 2024
Korpiklaani - Jylha

The drumbeat proclaims the march of the Verikoira unruly intro, prefacing the vocal part with shades of folkloric motifs, continuing the musical dance of the Korpiklaani - Jylha album with the unbridled merriment of the Niemi song, followed by some pacification of the rage with the sound of the Levaluhta humppa and the Mylly sad ballad, enveloping the lace of twilight reflections and regrets of lost opportunities.
The vocal part of the wise storyteller comes to the forefront of the Tuuleton musical story, weaving together with understated drive and folk motifs in a mesmerizing unity, drawing you into the sparkling coils of the Sanaton maa mesmerizing dance, captivating with impressive sound and intriguing vocal storytelling, culminating in the mystery of the intriguing sound of the Kiuru twilight musical tale and the mesmerizing sound of the Miero epic saga, celebrating the exploits of unforgettable heroes.
The Pohja composition persistently and assertively rolls out the canvas of exciting drive, speaking and dancing along it with vocal phrases, continuing the musical wanderings with the irresistible rush of the Huolettomat song, bringing shades of intriguing reflections, enveloping the artistic charm of the sparkling lace of the Anolan aukeat musical fairy tale, returning to the path of the leitmotif in the instrumental bridges and choruses, twisting from side to side in the sound of the Pidot humppa and proclaiming twilight majesty in the mesmerizing mystery of the musical triumph of the Juuret composition, concluding the album with the solemn significance of the majestic hymn.