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Sinful and righteous sometimes depends only on the point of view

September 05, 2020
Virgin Mask - The Tragedy is a Sin

Guitar riffs roll in waves of the Possessed by Paranoia main motive, topped with the experience of the vocal part. The vocals begin with severe stubbornness, then transform into ascended inspiration, combining in a duet and alternating their parts. The Opposites of Light continues the Virgin Mask - The Tragedy is a Sin album with a bright guitar solo, then again returning to the dominant position of the vocal part in the sound. The Paradise Monologues retains the charm of melodic musical passages, complementing them with pulsating echoes of drive.
The guitar solo of the Perfect Bohemian intro captivates with melodic artistry, then the vocal duet continues to dominate the musical image of the mid-tempo composition, which sounds like a ballad. Slightly accelerating the tempo the Suicide is Fashionable remains in the mid-tempo rhythm, the vocals somewhat transform the sound with a wider development. Accelerating the tempo a little more and bringing light drive to the sound, the Vain (Look Good for the Wedding) crowns the musical passages with a sparkling guitar solo and vivid vocal phrases.
A vocal monologue, entwined with sad ribbons of a guitar solo, begins the Panic Mode track, then the vocals reassure the listener with their phrases. Preserving the musical style of the album the Satan's Blood (a Brick in Your Face) accelerates the musical stream, transforming along with vocal indignation into a kind of musical thriller. The Chaos in the Absence of War hardens the sound even more, transforming the vocals into a unity of screaming and growling at first, but then the vocals again return to the inspired phrases of clean vocals. Then a similar alternation in the final composition of the album is repeated, ending it with a truly enchanting thriller.