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Rage bursts out from within

September 05, 2020
Noumena - Anima

Beginning with a charming chime of the Kaiku guitar solo, the Saatto song begins the Noumena - Anima album with a romantic ballad that alternates and combines gentle female vocals and harsh growling tunes. The guitar solo of the Murtuneet introduction creates an epic extravaganza of enchanting melody, then the female vocals enchant with meditation. Once again, the vocal part is joined by a male growling, combined with the artistic charm of a mesmerizing ballad.
Slightly accelerating the musical tempo with the waves of musical drive to mid-tempo sound the Murtuneet brings growling to the forefront of the musical image, sometimes supplementing the vocal part with background chorales of female vocals. The Seula intro guitar solo captivates with a melodic extravaganza, the vocal part begins with a duet of male and female clean vocals, then growling is combined with musical passages of the solemn anthem, alternating and combining their phrases with the inspired tunes of clean vocals. Beginning with an acoustic guitar passage, the Ajaton intro then combines background guitar fingering with the sparkling romanticism of another guitar solo, then evolving into the song's main theme.
Beginning with an acoustic guitar solo, the Totuus blends the album's characteristic vocals alternations of female vocals wrapped in shrouds of romantic atmosphere and harsh male growling with waves of understated mid-tempo drive into a long and significant epic saga. A melancholy guitar solo starts the Anima title track in a twilight atmosphere, anticipating the sad female vocals, then paired with a growling duet. Then the male growling makes the dark anthem sound even harsher. The Joutsen ends the album with an acoustic romance, complemented by sad violin melodies, piano passages and sad phrases of female vocals.