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Rebellions in the future have their own shade

April 11, 2020
Void Chapter - The Uprising

Starting the unity of the Void Chapter - The Uprising epic narrative, introducing the echoes of ancient tales with the futuristic style of industrial musical sacraments Android Insurgency marches on a leisurely march of mysterious conjectures. Then the Heartscrape musical passages brings mesmerizing melody. Performing already in the introduction the romantic essence of the main motive Lucid Nightmare then it complements it with the pulsating heartbeat of musical rhythm.
Dancing with musical mystery Futuregrade then captivates with the significance of the inspired march. The mysterious musical Gathering of the Cosmic Swarm omen anticipates the formation of The Uprising title track of the album. Thicken the dusk and condenses with the pulsating drive the rhythm of intro, the Melting City then swirls in a whirlwind of gloomy fascinating motifs. Introducing the mystery of the introduction again, Irrational Anthem then marches on an inspired march, wrapped in a veil of doubt and musical artistry.
The mysterious echoes of ancient tales are combined with the futuristic realization of The Monster Within musical essence. Enveloping the atmosphere of mysterious omens of the listener, The Plague Returns precedes the development of the severe procession of the Neural War Machine march. Then the Dark Leviathan embodies the expected style from the album, seasoning it with epic mystery. Ubersoldat completes the album, bringing to the forefront futuristic electronic elements.