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Our souls and mind require changes

September 30, 2021
InGhosts -  Erase // Rewrite (EP)

The mysterious mysteriousness of the instrumental artistry of the Vivre track asks the unusual perception of the accession of the InGhosts - Erase // Rewrite (EP) album, preparing listeners and fans to extraordinary discoveries, completing the sound of a bright guitar solo, the entry of the Gravity song, in which musical variations complement emotional vocal phrases, developing and complementing the motives of the previous composition with bright impressions and emotional splashes.
The vocal party goes to the forefront of the Movement musical image, complementing the enemy vortices of the chorus fragments of a recitative and sometimes raging to a fierce growling vocals. The Glacier fascinates in dreamy expanses, complementing the diverseness of the composition by vocals fierce. The Kyra melodic ballad fascinates romantic experiences in combining musical and vocal experiences, combining a soft guitar chime with vocal sensuality. The Sunn (Feat. Rory Rodriguez) composition retains the romantic atmosphere, a slightly fierce and sealing musical sound, in general, continuing the motives of the previous song.
The vortex of the progressive drive of the guitar solo entry creates a way to develop the sound of the Crux composition, then topped with the fierce emotionality of vocal appeals. The Untitled composition completes the album Variatic thoughtfulness, fascinating with a changed vocals narrative to the limits of twilight dreams.