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No one can hide from this eye

November 16, 2020
Seren - Eye Of Malignance (EP)

The intriguing mystery of The All-Seeing Eye intro, which denotes the essence of the Seren - Eye Of Malignance (EP) album's title begins, then music continues with an enchanting unity of musical artistry, progessively and peculiarly breaking the rhythmic essence of Plague composition and combining and alternating screaming and growling in a vocal part intertwined with ribbons of guitar passages.
As if invoking the echoes of ancient fairy tales and oriental motifs, the Veneration begins the musical narration with a powerful procession of a leisurely march, then further emphasizing the spiciness of oriental notes with tunes of clean vocals, but then again slightly accelerating the tempo and hardening the rhythm of the procession. Combining echoes of mid-tempo musical narration with explosions of impetuous drive, the Communion For Sovereignty builds a musical composition to alternate these contrasts, sometimes wrapping vocal phrases in furious vortices of guitar passages.
Building the musical composition on a combination of screaming and growing in duet the Diagonal then complements his essence with sad crying of clean vocals in a twilight musical atmosphere, completing the sound with waves of drive. The twilight of the mystery of northern fairy tales beginning the Arctic Claw intro, the musical saga then combines echoes of northern fairy tales, varying tempo and vocal styles. But then the clean vocals complement the fairytale atmosphere with the inspirational tunes of the ghostly bard, ending with an explosion of drive and demonic screaming, complemented by notes of harsh growling.
The guitar solo of the Voidray Colossus Deathball introduction takes you into the vastness of mystical tales, bringing the influence of antique motives, but then a gloomy drive, keeping this influence pumping waves of musical power, complementing the instumental track's music with severity and fierceness. Starting with an explosion of furious drive, the final composition of the album Luciferi appears as a self-sufficient artwork, combining various tempo variations, and artistically intertwining and preserving progressive musical solutions.