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Next one! There is not enough blood in this victim

January 17, 2018
Archaic - How Much Blood Would You Shed to Stay Alive

Melodic album's intro Setting the Example envelops with the darkness of dark romance, creating fascinating ghosts of musical ideas, fettering the phrases of the radio host, starting the Archaic - How Much Blood Would You Shed to Stay Alive album with bewitching charms.
But Hidden Desire sweeps the intriguing twilight, instrumentally carrying the vocal phrases, toughly and firmly delivering the impetuous music to the chorus, in which they severely drives their words into the mind. But in the instrumental part, the sombre haze again brings back a dark romance, enchanting with obscure images of brooding black seduction.
Pulsating and dancing, striving to chase after unknown promises, the vocals, from time to time beating harsh on the verge of growling, keeps The Saw music within the bounds of a severe drive, not allowing to break in a rampant race of incredible pace.
The rhythmic march of the intro paves the Lifebringer way, driving piles supporting the road, then in a rapid procession of the verse, sweeping along the chosen path, in the bridges returning to the rhythmic march of laying the way of life road.
Powerfully, confidently, persistently, Don't Say a Word detachment of black knights follows the chosen path, unhurriedly but crushing all obstacles, despising impetuosity, but trusting in their invincibility - but then the music is carried away in the impetuous pursuit, anticipating the vocal entry, enveloping it with a severe tunnel of instrumental vortexes. In the instrumental part, a leisurely march comes back, marking the composition with bright flashes of guitar solos and drums, but it will be completed by breaking rush.
Ghostly twilight, laying the foundation of the album's, bringing the melody of intro to the Last Man Standing main motive, complementing her dark charm with persistent and confident vocal phrases, integrating them into such a vivid and monumental composition.
An energetic storm is born in the Two Minutes of Hate introduction, taking from him the main motive takes him away in an uncontrollable flood of harsh drive rabies.
The Bonded by Leeches introduction envelops the haze of dark romance, anticipating a ballad that envelops the fog of black charms. Then the vocals become even more severe, even further away from the harsh in the direction of the growling, and after the muffled angry curses in the chorus the emotional innocent screams of the victim of torture.
So furious, energetic drive spreads the stylistic framework of the album several times - this song In My Slaughterhouse should be attributed to the melodic death. But genres, styles - this is for critics to write about, the song so great!
Surely, without doubting his own invincibility, Bulletproof marches along the chosen path, confidently pacing his musical story.
Gentle soft guitar fingering riff that develops into a kind of symphonic romance To Wonder creates an introduction for ...After a Kill song, developing the leitmotif of the previous composition into a bright, unforgettable and diverse musical image that describes it endlessly. But there is not the slightest point - better to listen again and again! Oh, this was the last song of the album ... well, again and again I want to listen to not only it, but the whole album!