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If you are feels tainted - we will try to fix that

January 17, 2018
Tragik - Tainted

After the mystical fog of Welcome Back intro, the vocals combines in a marvelous romantic dance, sifting the streams of emotions and doubts in an intriguing composition that opens the gates of the Tragik - Tainted album.
Throbbing like a heartbeat, Not over You (Listen) music sounds like enveloped in the cover of cosmic keyboards passages enveloping vocal phrases with a sparkling canopy.
Can’t Take It Back immediately accentuates its name, then the majestic saga envelops the artistic instrumental delights with vocal stories, as if many ghostly bards glorify the exploits of the legendary heroes.
After a brief preparation of the Into the Great Unknown introduction, the main motive, so impressive and exciting with its artistic originality, carries with it - oh, it's so unforgettable that there is not the slightest desire to be distracted!
Pulsating in a ragged rhythm, Face of Sorrow rushes and falls back, electronic keyboards impulses supplements these jerks, in the chorus, raising the desire for resistance and warrior spirit.
A thoughtful ballad Out of Nowhere in an epic manner writes out amazing twists, enveloping vocal delicacies with flickering keyboard motifs and creating a foundation with guitar riffs.
‘Til I See You Again continues to create so romantic atmosphere, at a somewhat accelerated pace, from time to time arranging pensive pauses, giving charming reflections of vivid artistic melodies.
The rhythmic march Nobody’s There pierces the space, confident step, scorching the way through the gloomy fog, the majestic keyboards evolve proudly over proud valiant wanderers. In general, the romantic mood does not want to step aside or hide on the background.
So impressive guitar solo of the Regrets introduction becomes a keystone of the leitmotif, creating an axis of vocals vortex and setting the direction of the composition.
The title track Tainted vigorously blows away in the midst of the fun, carrying away in an uncontrolled dance of unknown dance around the usual frames, creating unprecedented musical images.
Starting as pensive, calm, peaceful ballad, then Heaven takes us to the expansive expanses of epic artrock, creating fascinating illusory musical ideas, again and again returning to the peaceful serene ballad. Perhaps, this composition can be described endlessly - everyone will perceive it in its own way.
After the artistic charm, the ageless spirit of rock'n'roll rallied with notes of blues, completing the album in the spirit of friendly gatherings in the usual pub, discussing every ordinary Harsh Reality outdoor as something that will have to be fought and won. Always, anyway and everywhere!