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Memories of long space journeys

July 22, 2022
Celestial Wizard - Winds of the Cosmos

The artistic instrumental intro Andromeda begins the musical narration of the Celestial Wizard - Winds of the Cosmos concept album with an intriguing mystery, exploding with musical drive after a brief vocal proclamation and developing this musical style in the unrestrained flight of the Revenant song, the rapid fury of which is fully complemented by vocals emotions and sparkling shades of vocals anger. The vocal part of the Ice Realm composition hardens to the demonic screaming in the verse, weaving a seductive lace from the unity of the main vocals and the singing along of musical associates in the chorus, continuing a similar style of vocal narration in the Powerthrone song, complementing the vocal part in the chorus with dreamy inspiration of pure vocals.
The sound of the Eternal Scourge composition draws you into the artistic expanses of musical diversity, complemented by the versatility of the vocal part, combining and alternating screaming, growling and clean vocals, continuing the equally diverse sound in the musical story of the Steel Chrysalis song.
The music and vocals are fierce and rush in the unrestrained unity of the Undead Renegade musical thriller, taming the tempo and fury of the sound in the chorus. The Cyberhawk song pacifies the swiftness of musical passages and subordinates the step of the mid-tempo march to vocals instructions, preparing the listener for the Winds Of The Cosmos epic final saga of the album, raising banners of charming melody.