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War reveals its true essence

July 23, 2022
Defiatory - Extinct

The Final Conflict composition explodes with a musical stream of furious drive in the intro and verse begins the sound of the Defiatory - Extinct album with unrestrained zeal, retreating before the meaningful speeches of the chorus. The Reaper song accentuates the sound of guitar riffs in the main motif, somewhat fierce vocals to angry harsh vocals and complementing at times with background growling vocals.
The guitar intro's solo brings notes of ascension and playfulness to the album's sound, then retreating before the Aeons End vocals thrust, accelerating in the measured and balanced anger of the Dogs Of War musical thriller, the exciting impressive and meaningful sound of the chorus. The Extinct album's title track relies entirely on guitar riffs, crowning the crests of musical waves with vocals phrases.
The twilight mystery of the oriental motifs of the introduction of the Destiny song is discarded by the unrestrained flow of vocal anger and musical drive, fully and meaningfully continuing in the sound of the The Black Vortex composition, which at first drives the rhythmic step of the combat march. The Furor Unleashed song concludes the album with the unrestrained and vocals tenacity characteristic of thrash metal music.