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Love and hate, calm and rage

March 01, 2020
Delain - Apocalypse & Chill

Setting emotionality with the tunes of female vocals One Second then marches in sensual experiences, alternating male and female vocals in a couplet and weaving them in the enchanting dance of the duet in the chorus. Keyboard passages confidently leads the We Had Everything main motive, crowning musical passages and vocal phrases with a majestic haze of artistic charm. Female vocals predominate in the vocal part, continuing to dominate the Chemical Redemption next composition, hardening the musical sound in a furious introduction, complementing the Delain - Apocalypse & Chill album with industrial shades, then smoothing out the sharpness and roughness of the sound with the charm of a singing lady, while preserving the shades of industrial style specified in the introduction.
Rolling a whirlwind of furious drive into the introduction, Burning Bridges again complements the mesmerizing romance of female vocals with the symphonic charm of musical passages. In the middle of the composition, a furious drive is complemented by male growling phrases ending with inspired chorales and a thoughtful symphony. The mystical echoes of forgotten fairy tales introduce some influences of folklore stylistics, then, however, the whirlwinds of the prairies supplement the Vengeance music.
Bringing electronic music influences into the album To Live Is To Die complements vocal excitement with impulses of futuristic anxiety. Let's Dance continues the dance style, hardening the musical drive into the introduction, dispelling the twilight stiffness with vocal charms. The mystical mystery of obscure dusk envelops the Creatures vocals narrative with an intriguing dusk.
A soft and gentle Ghost House Heart symphony envelops the bewitching tunes of a singing lady with notes of a piano and the charm of violin motifs. At first, continuing the mesmerizing tunes of female vocals, then Masters Of Destiny is transformed into a solemn anthem of symphonic greatness. Raising the dark and worn banners of the Legions Of The Lost procession, vocal part narrates the lyric poetry, reflecting the essence of the soulless inhabitants of the present.
After the twilight of thoughtfulness about the fate of the world, The Greatest Escape returns to the atmosphere of bewitching romanticism, after which Combustion ends the album with the mysterious mystery of the instrumental symphony interweaving futuristic shades with saddened notes of musical romance.