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Sometimes spells and magic comes out from the oblivion

February 29, 2020
Omnipotence (CAN) - Praecipitium

The rage and unrestrained passion is intertwined in a bewitching melody, captivating with the Paths to Oblivion romantic introduction, but then combining romantic feelings and furious passion into the sound of the Omnipotence (CAN) - Praecipitium album.
Continuing the musical fury with a stream of unbridled drive, Composite Forms of Sound and Thought then slows down the musical structure, twisted by the charm of melodic decisions, but again returning to the alternation of melody and drive. Thoughtfully developing the omens of fairy tales and legends, the The Emptiness that Breathes introduction weaves a bewitching lace of folklore influences, then bringing a charming guitar solo to the forefront of the musical image. But the explosion of the drive anticipates the introduction of vocals, which comes in the procession of the solemn march, inspiring the listener with the charm of powerful melody, remaining on the background of the triumph of a charming musical image.
Dusk and twilight mystery precedes the further development of the Lethiferous composition, hardening the sound of a musical stream that envelops vocal thoughts with twilight covers interwoven into an impenetrable tunnel. Beyond the Boundaries of Being completes the release with marching pulsations in instrumental bridges, occasionally exploding with an interweaving of rapid drive and vocal emotions.