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Let it burn all around in hellfire

December 17, 2017
Entrails - World Inferno

Far wind noise, mysterious mysterious motives and a frightened howl are combined into the introduction of the title track that begins the Entrails - World Inferno album. Then a powerful drive of instrumental parties creates a strong and confident foundation for the rocking drive.
A heavy, viscous introduction gives the atmosphere of the cemetery horror, corresponding to the title of the song Condemned to the Grave. Then the music speeds up the pace and continues to tell its story in the gloomy fog.
Surely, aggressively starting with the army drum roll Serial Murder (Death Squad) marches towards the coming battles. Then the drive picks up the pace, again returning to the tight march with the introduction of the vocal.
In a dark atmosphere, The Soul Collector fulfill his mission, paving the way for the rivers of blood and the seas of malicious anger.
Some grim grimace, dancing in a dark dance, broadcasts in a malicious and sinister manner that you are already Dead and Buried. And this ominous state can not be eliminated in any way!
The key ringing, proud fairy tune is stretching through the Insane Slaughter introduction. Then a powerful and furious flow of drive demolishes mysterious motives, dragging a powerful jet of verse into the abyss of gloomy sound. In the chorus over and over again the name of the song is sonorous and significant.
An aggressive, militant march is already evident in the Into Eternal Fire introduction, then the vocals vigorously and severely drive their phrases with powerful rhythmic piles.
Rapid drive in the gloomy race tends to break out of the shrouding gloom, rushes in furious impetuous impatience, again and again. Then, after the verse, there is some breathing space in the bridge before the chorus, in which word Suffer begins every new line.
The drum roll accompanies a stiff, gloomy melody, a dark fog of pre-dawn fatigue begins a viscous, gloomy The Hour of the Casket song. Then waking up finally, trying to restrain the burdens of nightmarish dreams drive up the pace, after the verse in the instrumental extravaganza bright guitar solo elevates the perception to other levels. Powerful entry into the whirlwind spinning the The Blood Breed main motive pierces all the song's music, in a furious drive completing the album. The finale of the composition and the album precedes the charming melodic guitar solo, followed by tough and harsh phrases, wrapped in dark power.