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Do you know anything that I don't know?

December 17, 2017
Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail I

Introduction of Gotham pokes the haze of a mysterious fog, the verses hastily and unhurriedly broadcast their story, but in the chorus vocal emotionally and vividly reveals the essence of the first composition of the Kobra And The Lotus - Prevail I album. Then the singing voice of the singing lady and the music are enveloped in tenderness and romance, extending the composition to the instrumental part that precedes the last chorus.
Alert and thoughtful TriggerPulse vocal phrases combines with a rigid mysterious motif in which they seem to float through the impenetrable twilight of doubts and riddles. In the chorus, the vocal re-raises the experience over the musical image.
The increasing drumbeat in the You Don't Know introduction encourages the waves of drive, which bring energy into the entry. But the vocals become more sensitive than before, gently and sensually leading up to the explosion of vocal and musical emotions in the chorus.
In the introduction, power and drive set the energy and power, but then in a progressive changeable manner, Specimen X (The Mortal Chamber) music and vocals beats oriental motifs, in a chorus sweeping through the impetuous vortex of a violent drive. In the instrumental part, the music sounds symphonic and bright, impressing to further listening.
Covered with feelings and unforgettable emotions, the ballad Light Me Up brings a storm of indescribable thoughts and experiences.
Pulsing rhythm and musical breathing, the Manifest Destiny main motive performs in the introduction, the vocals complement it with feelings and experiences, dispelling the importance that will raise the vocal phrases to a new level in the chorus.
The Victim introduction intensifies nervousness, the verse with mysterious and ornate vocal phrases leads to a chorus in which it rushes to the light of change.
In the instrumental saga Check the Phyrg, music turns to different styles over and over again, effectively combining their features in an artistic manner.
The album is coming to an end in a stream of powerful and driving riffs, though not concealing and hiding vocal features, only revealing even more vocal shades. In Hell on Earth vocals shows even more progressive shades, comprehensively supplementing musical changes.
The album ends with the title track Prevail supplementing the power with significant proud colors, solemnly and meaningfully marching allowing the curtains to hide the final.