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Legends always exist despising ashes and dust

December 14, 2019
Ironthorn - Legends of the Ancient Rock

The soft chime of guitar strings creates a mesmerizing romance of the A New Day instrumental composition, enveloping the Ironthorn - Legends of the Ancient Rock album with intriguing charm, preceding the Legends part of its title composition, then combining guitar and vocal passages in an unstoppable dance. A wolf's howl, a violent explosion of guitar fury along with a solo bass guitar anticipates the harsh stream of medium-tempo drive of the Werewolf song, the vocals are slightly transformed, paying tribute to the legends of rock music.
Stirring up alarmed expectations, 1 introduces some shades of charm with a guitar solo, then the vocals add intrigue and complement the sound of the The Seed of Fire (feat. Roberto Tiranti) song with the participation of a guest artist. The mesmerizing coverings of the My Cure romantic ballad carry away meditations, complementing vocal reflections with the enchanting tunes of colleagues and comrades.
Severe drive waves end with flute tunes, then the vocals pick up the trends of Celtic folklore and fully embody the sound of the Phoenix composition. A powerful and inspired march rolls with oriental motifs, introducing spicy echoes of mesmerizing tunes, the vocal brings peculiar shades to the sound of the Ladro del Tempo composition, highlighting it with the album’s most successful artwork.
Ballad Trick or Treat fascinates with epic tunes, captivating with the tales and legends, then rolling with their influence a dense and severe march, retreating before the vocal tunes. The vague echoes of cosmic trends envelop the guitar passages of the The Call of Silence introduction, then the vocals supplement these experiences with certain trends of progressive thoughtfulness, then fly away in a whirlwind of doubt and experience. The drum roll of the combat march completes The Ancient Rock title track (very interesting - the title track seems to start and share the album), then after epic trends of ancient legends embodied by guitar solo, the vocals complete the narrative of epic tales.