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Dark entities requires retreat

December 13, 2019
Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond the Dark

The twilight of epic mystery intrigues the I Will Depart intro, enveloping the mesmerizing mystery of the Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond the Dark concept album, inspiring the fabulous narrative of verses and emphasizing the name of the composition in the chorus again and again. The mysterious echoes of the ghostly haze create a mystical twilight, the Sun and Moon vocal part begins with a muffled whisper of clean vocals, delaying the introduction of screaming and an explosion of rampant drive, long and persistently preserving mystery.
The rampant drive sweeps up the whirlwind of the Ever so Bold deadly dance, sparkling with echoes of the romantic shades of the guitar solo, the vocals become hardened in accordance with the musical drive. Beginning with the epic thoughtfulness of a bewitching symphony, Black Waves slowly and fascinatingly develops its sound, with the introduction of vocals, condenses and hardens, but retains the same charming symphonic melody.
The relaxing melodic and romantic charm explodes in the Into the Sleep wave of unbridled drive, but the vocals are still enveloped in melodic integuments combining powerful rage and enchanting melody in a single musical image. The soft chime of guitar strings captivates the perception, then the saddened orchestral passages complement the reverie of the Born of Nothing introduction. But after the guitar solo hardens the sound, maintaining the trend of melody after the explosion of a furious drive and combining these musical dryness with the introduction of vocals. But then the vocals turn the music into a thoughtful narrative of a pacifying tale, sounding like a bewitching lullaby, culminating in inspired sadness for the tunes of the violin and the orchestral symphonic suite. Starting with the bewitching echoes of a symphony combining the trend of classical music and the epic echoes of folk tales, The Final Failure is then transformed by a combination of power and melody. It should be noted that the album closes, perhaps the most diverse composition - varying vocal and musical styles, as if trying to expand the scope of fans to unimaginable limits.