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Journeys and trips always brings a lot of impressions

March 14, 2020
Ian Parry - In Flagrante Delicto

The keyboards artistically and fascinatingly wrap around vocal reflections with the artistic covers of sparkling cosmophonic symphonies, marching in a solemn campaign of the Spaceman that brought mesmerizing impressions. Traveller's (Across The Unknown Universe) continues the Ian Parry - In Flagrante Delicto album with a bewitching ballad, braiding emotional appeals with ribbons of musical passages.
Electronic pulsations of the In Flagrante Delicto title track brings some departure from the expected musical style, approaching to some extent the dance music. But the guitar is returning to the Fool's Paradise dominant position, entwined with the sparkling artistry of keyboard passages and exalting inspiration of vocal phrases. Walking in the mystical mystery of the musical mystery, Impulse artistically braids the vocal thoughts of a progressive musical component.
Fascinates with a gentle dance of vocal reflections with musical passages embodied in the musical lace of the Ingenious tender romance. Intriguing with the sound of verse, Wish inspires the vocal refrain in the chorus in a bright whirlwind of musical passages, captivating with the artistry of their fusion. Returning again to the sparkling notes of the space symphony, Fly captivates the epic entry symphony, the vocal calls for an acceleration of tempo, then marching along the line between the ballad and the mid-tempo composition.
But The Day We Stop Dreaming brings a dreamy whirlwind with an inspired vocal party with the support of enchanting artistry musical lace, full of solemn romanticism. So Far So Good closes the album with an epic anthem, full of sensuality and memories of past wanderings, introducing pulsating progressive breaks in rhythm in verses.