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There are things not subject to time

March 14, 2020
Ethereal Exile - Soul Beyond Time

A furious drive chases uncontrollably along the road of the Infinity Mirror main motive, twisting its axis with swirls of guitar solo and imposing severe grandeur with stubborn growling phrases, rallying in the bewitching lace of a melodic chorus. The Hermit melodious passages continues the Ethereal Exile - Soul Beyond Time album, pacifying the swiftness of the drive, adding rigidity and sharpness to the inspired march of musical passages with vocals narration.
Consolidating the rhythmic essence of the introduction, the guitar solo then crowns the Scarlet Queen musical narrative with melodic notes, enveloping the severe vocal part and rhythmic pulsations of the rhythm section with melodic charm. Dancing in a musical procession of a medium-tempo narrative, accelerating with swirling whirlwinds in instrumental bridges, Tears Of Rage captivates with the mystery of a vocals strories. As if continuing a musical narrative, Six Day Mark is rushing in unbridled assaults of verses, sharing these jerks with the reflections of bridges and choruses.
Developing the structure of the main motive in the motives of intro, then Chains Of Destiny rides on its mid-tempo variations of the rhythmic component, complementing the sound by alternating screaming and growling the vocal part. Lucid Birth Of Night completes the album, sparkling with a bright whirlwind of melodic guitar solos, weaving them with the vocal part in a bewitching dance.