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July 06, 2022
Symbioz, 2005 -  Твiй Свiт

Instrumental Intro begins the musical story of the Symbioz - Твiй Свiт album with a guitar solo, the motives of which are developed by the Люди composition, weaving in a single musical stream indignant vocal appeals and the pressure of musical drive. The Соцiум musical trillet rushes in a frantic pursuit of unknown goals, accelerating musical and vocal passages.
The vocal part is brought to the forefront of the musical story of the Реклама song, stigmatizing and resenting the embarrassing advertising spam that is wasting mind and spoils the nerves. The gitar riffs of the main motif roll in a furious thrust, then complemented by the energy and inspiration of the Алкаш significant musical story. After the ascension of indignant inspiration and dissatisfaction with the existing orders, the Я стомився composition in the chorus again and again emphasizes its name.
The Твiй Свiт title track brings to the album folk motifs embodied in musical passages by an accordion, then crowning the musical composition with vocal melodies, continuing a similar musical style of sound in the Iнший song, fierce vocal part to growling, making the sound more powerful and driven, continuing a similar musical thriller in the musical story of the Депресiя composition. The Outro concludes the album with romantic ballad musical tunes.