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Magic from the stars

July 06, 2022
Chaos Magic, 2015 -  Chaos Magic

The I'm Alive song begins the Chaos Magic - Chaos Magic album's musical narrative with sparkling ascensions of the inspired melodies of a singing lady, entering the sound of the Dangerous Game composition with symphonic chorales, then receding before romantic reflections and the inspired sound of the vocal part. Musical passages bring echoes of futuristic influences.
Combining exciting musical motifs with artistic vocals narration, the music again and again accentuates the title of the One Drop Of Blood song in the chorus, further creating a mysterious atmosphere with the introduction, then marching in a twilight haze with the leisurely sound of the vocals Seraphim tale, developing these epic tales in the mesmerizing solemnity of the sound of the From The Stars musical anthem.
Vocals and music are intertwined in the mesmerizing sparkling musical whirlwind of the A Little Too Late composition, captivating the listener to the expanses of inspired artistry, continuing with the mystical mysterious sound of the Passionflow musical tale and the twilight notes of the symphonic sound of the Dead Memories musical story, bringing notes of sad reflections and regrets about lost memories.
The muted mystery of the musical tunes is combined with the mystical mystery of the muted Please Don't Tell Me vocals reflections, preparing for the pressure and drive of the sound of the Right Now song and the accelerated impatience of the sound of The Point Of No Return final composition of the album.