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Invitation to the captivity of the imagination

April 01, 2020
Puddle Of Mudd - Welcome to Galvania

Persistent, viscous and powerful whirlwinds of the You Don't Know musical passages weaves a stubborn procession of the main motive, introducing shades of emotionality in vocal phrases. Then Uh Oh continues the Puddle Of Mudd - Welcome to Galvania album, introducing some sensuality into the lyrics and returning the sound to traditional styles.
Continuing the musical style set by the previous composition Go to Hell builds the structure of the musical narration on a duet of male and female vocals, giving the instrumental bridges a thresh of musical power, weaving it with the vocal part in the chorus. Combining musical drive with the thoughtfulness of vocal lyrics Diseased Almost fascinatingly combines these contrasting features of the musical narrative.
Charming with the sound of a romantic ballad with an inspired vocal part My Kind of Crazy captivates the listener with a soothing atmosphere. Beginning with the soft melody of a guitar solo in the introduction, Time of Our Lives walks along the verge of a medium-tempo composition and a ballad, weaving music and vocals in a single atmosphere of unsolvable doubts.
The mid-tempo song Sunshine envelops the vocal part with hard blues, giving artistic shades with vocal phrases. Just Tell Me returns to the romantic narrative again, bringing the vocal part inspiration and a reassuring mood. The Kiss It All Goodbye song’s justified expectations for the sensual romance are justified only partially - the musical passages of the main motive come to the fore in the instrumental bridges, in the verses the vocals are thoughtful in doubt, but the refrains envelop his inspiration with covers with a touch of oriental motifs.
Starting with an acoustic guitar solo and vocal reflections, mysteriously intertwining puzzles and solutions - so Slide Away then combines music and vocals in a mesmerizing narrative of a very impressive ballad. Rethinking one of the album’s compositions (Uh Oh (Come Clean Version)) completes this release.