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Sentenced to purify the soul by fire

April 01, 2020
Slaughter Messiah - Cursed to the Pyre

The guitar solo of the entry weaves a bewitching lace of an epic saga, with the introduction of vocals From the Tomb into the Void is transformed into a furious drive of a fierce musical thriller. Mutilated by Depths continues the musical narration of the Slaughter Messiah - Cursed to the Pyre album, entering a leisurely procession of twilight mysteries, then accelerating by the rapid stream of drive, restrained by the bonds of the vocal part.
Spinning the flywheel of the main motive with guitar riffs, Pouring Chaos then braids the vocal phrases that embody angry rage with this round dance of musical passages. Developing in a pensive intro the flow of rapid musical drive Hideous Affliction then crowns this stream with vocals.
The saddlehorse of the musical passages of the main motive by the vocal part Descending to Black Fire rides it in search of adventures. In the chorus, the harsh vocals is complemented by growling background phrases. Weaving a gloomy symphony with the introduction of a guitar solo, with the noise of bad weather on background, Pyre turns into a furious action movie with the introduction of vocals.
Fascinating with the symphony of the epic anthem of intro The Hammer of Ghouls then combines the solemnity of the dark melody of the instrumental bridges and the majestic procession of the chorus with the swift fury of the verses. Pulsing with a dense rhythmic fury, Fog of the Malevolent Sore completes the album with the musical waves of the whirlwind of dusk, crowning the musical waves with crests of vocal phrases.