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In the vague twilight haze ghosts of obscure omens soars

January 21, 2019
Landmine Marathon - Gallows

Leading in slowly, enveloping perception in a thick, dark mist, Three Snake Leaves prepares for vocal entry, aspiring musical sound in a fast-moving furious flow, especially emphasizing the name of the composition in the chorus. In the instrumental part, the music again envelops the viscous twilight, but the vocals again immerses it into an impetuous stream of the Landmine Marathon - Gallows album's drive.
But the fast-moving passages ends with a gloomy canopy of medium-temporal reflections, Cutting Flesh and Bone vocals hardens the phrases and give them greater significance and ferocity. But in the choruses, the drive waves complement the sound with a hint of furious, impetuous passages, but the vocal completes with mid-tempo reflections Anticipating the Knife From My Sleeve intro, in which, like a warlock of ancient times, enumerates the scrolls in search of a spell to summon a suitable demon. But after the mysterious mysteries, having accomplished their vocations, music will be carried away in an impetuous whirlwind, enveloping the intertwining vocal phrases of screaming and growling in a fierce demonic drive.
Beginning with the rapid flow of rebellious rage, Liver and Lungs then in the instrumental bridges shows the main motive and vocals lead the main part with dominant screaming, hardening his growling hues in more high-speed sections and interweaving in deep chorus duet.
Furious vocal phrases, shrouded in gloomy whirlwinds of gloomy musical passages, begins on Dead Horses, then pierces the composition like a sharp blade of musical and vocal rage, but ends with a pulsing march. In the instrumental bridge, music anticipates the motive of the chorus, leisurely making its way, ending with rolling musical passages of the instrumental part. But the screams precede the final part, intertwining music and vocals in the middle tempo drive.
As if tired of changing tempo and style, Cloaked In Red music and vocals are carried away by a stream of fierce drive, which will surely revive the fans in the hall, tearing off the remnants of sleep from their minds and indescribably reviving the atmosphere of the concert.
Pulsing, like the introduction of a solemn palace waltz, Beaten and Left Blind then acquires harsh shades and becomes fierce with violent vocal phrases, combining in the gloomy triumph of dark rage.
Epic motifs of the introduction invoke demonic narrations of vocals, preserving the enchanting sacrament of the final composition Morbidity of the album.