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In the midnight, creatures becomes more and more dangerous

June 17, 2017
Metalian - Midnight Rider

Violent and harsh guitar solos revolt in the night, creating an instrumental Intro for the Metalian - Midnight Rider album, which will not agree with any contradiction.
The title track Midnight Rider continues this rebellious manner, flying in sharp and fast verses to the whirlwinds of the chorus. In the instrumental part, the reins of order passes into the hands of guitars, who, with their delights, carry on listening of their riffs.
Turns to a more clear and classical sound, returning to the numerous repetitions of the Inside The Dome title in the choruses.
Continuing in the similar manner, Breakout sharply accelerates the pace, inflating the sound to a stunning pace, hurrying to break free from the restraining fences.
Sharp and ragged pace is reduced to a clear and rhythmic march, pressing persistently and unshakably, that demands to Burn It Down. Vocals alternates stern and thoughtful one with taking off into the heavenly heights - playing a dominant role in composition.
Sharply and breaking existing orders Firestorm rushes forward, destroying any obstacles, without stopping at anything in its frenzied and harsh rush.
The Haunting continues the trend of the last composition, beginning with the buzz of a guitar solo, which laid the main motive of the whole composition. A riot for the sake of rebellion, freedom for freedom!
The album ends and the atmosphere of an unrestrained, comprehensive and frenzied riot Bastards song. The tacts ends with guitar splashes, appealing to vocal activity!